Speech-Language Pathology (SLP)


Speech-Language Pathlogy

Speech therapy focuses on the developmental skills associated with speech production, understanding and expression of the English language, cognition, and feeding/swallowing skills. 

Disorders We Can Treat

Speech Disorder

A speech disorder indicates difficulty making certain speech sounds which can decrease your child’s ability to be understood by others. Treatment involves training correct production of target sounds and practicing those sounds at increasing levels of complexity.


Language Disorder

A language disorder indicates that your child has difficulty understanding what is being asked of them or has difficulty expressing themselves. Therapists provide instruction on following directions, identifying objects/actions, improving grammar, increasing phonological awareness for reading, and any other language skills that may be necessary to ensure your child’s functional communication and/or academic success.


Cognitive Disorder

A cognitive disorder may be the result of a brain injury, traumatic birth, or genetic disorder which negatively affects your child’s thinking and/or language development. Therapy provides compensatory strategies for problem solving attention, memory, and executive function in order to improve your child’s quality of life.

Swallowing Disorder

A feeding or swallowing disorder may impact your child’s ability to maintain adequate nutrition and hydration secondary to picky eating or gagging/choking. Our therapists provide an exercise program to make sure that your child develops adequate strength, range of motion, and coordination of the oral motor structures. We also provide strategies to increase your child’s openness to trying new and non-preferred food items without signs of distress.

Carry-Over From Our Clinic

We provide a home exercise program to help parents/caregivers be involved and make sure that your child has appropriate carry-over from our clinic into your home. Our therapists specialize in evaluating and treating all of the above disorders to in order to better serve our community and ensure that children can communicate their functional wants and needs and maintain nutrition and hydration.