Physical Therapy (PT)

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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapists have expertise in movement and motor development. Your child’s movement patterns, neuromotor development, muscle & joint function, strength, posture, balance, coordination & endurance will be evaluated by a physical therapist.

Physical therapy incorporates a variety of interventions to improve movement and develop motor skills needed to play and perform daily activities.

Physical therapists can help guide infants & children through gross motor developmental milestones & make sure they can keep up with their peers.

After an injury or surgery, physical therapists teach kids exercises designed to help them regain strength & range of motion, and also show them how to prevent a recurring injury.

Your child may need physical therapy if they have difficulty moving in such a way that it limits the ability to play, perform daily tasks, or keep up with peers.


Your child may benefit from physical therapy if they exhibit: