Client Testimony/Reviews


Love the wonderful therapists here! Such a kind & caring group of ladies! My son LOVES going here!


The therapist are just awesome!!! Knowledgeable about what they do, and looks for what works best for each individual child. I've had all 3 of my kids receiving services at one point, currently only have 1 now. Feeding therapy, Speech, PT- some of the best in the Charlotte/Fort Mill/Indian Land area. I highly recommend this group.


My daughter has been here since the facility opened. Their staff is so helpful and caring. You can tell the therapist and staff are doing everything with the best interest of my child and her well being. My daughter actually looks forward to going to therapy and doing the work at home! We have had countless surgeries and the team is always looking for ways to help my child grow and progress through various stages of care. I would highly recommend this facility and the therapist.


I love this place!! We have been going for awhile and my children are just thriving with their help. I have sat in on a few of their sessions and while it's not easy for my son, he leaves happy and can't wait to come back the following week. The speech therapist we have is amazing and has gone above and beyond for my son, I fully recommend TherapyWorks 4 Kids if you are in need of a GREAT therapist.


We relocated from CT and spent many months searching for a new speech and OT therapist for my son who has feeding issues and speech delays. The therapist here are amazing and always trying to find new ways to help my son reach his goals. Some days are harder for him, trying new foods, but he leaves happy and willing to come back the next week. This is an amazing place if you are need of OT/PT/Speech therapy. I highly recommend them to anyone, your children will receive services from some of the best therapists in the area. .


My son loves coming here. He calls it the gym and feels so confident after 'working out.' I have seen a lot of progress in his coordination and ability to play with his friends. The PT staff take the time to give me things to work on at home with him and we really appreciate that. Cant say enough about these ladies!


These gals do some AMAZING things here for your precious little ones! Let me son, now 12 years old, was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at a very young age, and had a ton of issues relating to his disability. When we first started receiving Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy here a few years back, I never thought I would see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had lost so much hope that my son would not be able to pull through and lead a somewhat normal life. He was having so much difficulty making it through even one school day due to being emotionally overwhelmed, physically tired, behaviorally out of control and overloaded with so many sensory issues. When it felt like no one understood my son and at times, I felt so alone, I reached out to this company and poured my heart out to them. The response I received was so overwhelming. They took us in, and started working with us within weeks. The therapists here put so much compassion and love into my son. They work so hard every single week with him, that as months passed by, we would see subtle changes that were absolute huge milestones in my eyes. Not only did they help my son manage his daily living skills, but they molded me too. Every day after the sessions, they would come out to talk to me, one on one, and let me know how the sessions went. They would go on to describe his strengths, improvements, and took the time to answer any of my questions. Above all, they took the time to teach me skills as well. The skills they taught me were a step by step guide on how I can work with my son every day, while at home, outside, or in any other setting. All their hard work went beyond what they did for him there at the clinic. I’d like to point out as well, that they even went as far as to recommend an additional outside clinic for Hippo-therapy because they believed it was best suited to help my son reach his full potential. To this day, I am humbled that the head therapist and owner, herself, even took my son out to do some Hippo-therapy sessions for a few months until she could find a permanent Hippo-therapist to work with him. To this day, I still bring my son here and to the Hippo-therapy riding clinic. I know that my son will never be cured, but I can say for certainty, I truly believe, that since being with this company, my son is happier, calmer, physically stronger and better at managing his symptoms appropriately. He’s come a long way and made so much progress and that light at the end of the tunnel … well, let’s just say it’s pretty darn bright now. If you are looking for hope for your loved ones, I recommend this clinic; they do some pretty AMAZING things here!


The staff at TherapyWorks 4 Kids are phenomenal and the care given continues to exceed my expectations. My daughter has made tremendous improvements and I attribute that to the coordination of care given by the program. Everyone is kind, caring and knowledgeable and children’s recovery is always the main objective. We love it here!


This is the first place my son has responded positively to therapy! The staff loves on him and teaches him in a fun, creative way that keeps him engaged and on task. My son claps when we pull up and runs back for therapy with the staff. Highly recommend!